iPhone celebrates 10 years

iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. It’s hard to believe an entire decade has passed since the first iPhone went on sale.

The technology when the iPhone first launched seems almost primitive now.iPhone

What did we do before we could ask our mobile phone any question and it would give us an answer? How many devices did we have to carry to be able to shoot videos, take pictures, make notes, get directions and listen to music before the iPhone and other smartphones?

It’s almost painful to think about the first mobile phones. Some of you will remember carrying around a “bag phone” in your car and putting on a magnetic antenna. Then came huge mobile phones, flip phones, BlackBerry, and a myriad of other cellular devices.

The launch of the iPhone caused a wave across the industry, setting new standards and prompting greater expectations from consumers.

Consumers wanted quick and easy ways to make their lives easier. They wanted their phones to be intuitive and provide a wide range of functions with just a touch of a button.

The iPhone was a “must-have” for so many consumers. It was the envy of many other cell phone makers. Consumers wanted it even though it didn’t use the latest wireless technology and ran on slower networks than some other products available.

IPhone changes digital landscape

The iPhone continues to be an industry leader today and it has led to the advancement of other technology. It has changed the way we interact with digital content.

Websites had to become mobile. It was a nightmare, especially in the beginning when you tried to look at a desktop website on a 3.5-inch display. If it had video, it could be hours before it loaded.

Mobility went even further with the development of apps. There are now about 2.2 million apps available in Apple’s app store.

We have come a long way since the iPhone hit the market but have you and your business come along with it or are you still a decade behind? How does your website function on mobile devices? Do you have an app?

If not, you are already behind the curve. It’s going to be harder and harder to catch up with market and industry leaders as the advancements in technology grow over the next decade.

You may not know where to start and you may think it’s beyond your budget. However, it can be quicker and easier than you think. We can help you set priorities and reach your goals.

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PPC can be cost-effective way to grow your business

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News releases helpful for informing and searching

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SEO helps websites become search-engine friendly

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