Branded Mobile Directories

BRANDED MOBILE DIRECTORIES.  Social. Local. Rewarding. And appreciated.

ActiveData's Branded Mobile Directories

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“We love mobile directories!  We were out and about and suddenly had a craving for pizza. Thanks to our mobile directory, we found a great place with a coupon just minutes away!”

ActiveData’s Branded Mobile Directories are a much appreciated, value-added service for any enterprise with a membership worth promoting to. Business organizations. Publishers. Chambers of Commerce. Trade associations. Private clubs. You name it. They’re going to love what their mobile directory does for their reputation, brand and bottom line.

Your customers will appreciate the ability to connect to a single online source for great local places to shop, dine, and go out on the town. To take care of their health and beauty needs, and much more. Many of these establishments offer discounts, special coupons and other valuable ways for consumers to save time and money. It’s like carrying the Yellow Pages in their palm, pocket or purse, but WAY more valuable and convenient.

If you’d like to build a reputation- and revenue-enhancing mobile directories service of your own—branded with your name and brimming with listings you’ve developed—ActiveData’s new mobile directory service is just the ticket.  It’s hyper-mobile because that’s how we stay connected today. Hyper-social because we all love to share good news with family and friends. And hyper-local because we prefer what’s close and worth supporting in our own backyard.

ActiveData branded mobile directories carry your name on it, with listings you’ve developed/ Which means your business or organization will get all the credit for making it easy for customers and members to connect to great experiences. Fun times. And valuable savings right where they live and work. All from the convenience of their favorite mobile device.

Our mobile directories software also makes it easy for you to use your existing database to build your directory exactly the way you want it. To update it whenever you choose. And, of course, to access our guidance and expertise whenever you need us. 

Can you say “viral?”

News of your branded mobile directory will take off as soon as you announce it. Not to mention users and participating businesses and members passing along the exciting news to their families, friends and customers through their websites and social media platforms. No telling how many will be out there spreading the word!

Explore the reputation and business-building possibilities of ActiveData’s branded mobile directories. Just contact us. We’ll get things started off right, from the start.