Do it right, from the start.

DO IT RIGHT, FROM THE START. A valuable lesson learned, at a very early age.

Jim's Story“Do it right, from the start” and the possibilities are infinite.

That was the lesson I first learned as a kid in Southern California. That’s where I grew up under the influence of a family of fun-loving, but hard-working and wise entrepreneurs.

Both my grandfather and father founded highly successful companies. Time and again I observed them exceeding their clients’ expectations even before they’d become customers! The lesson was clear: good things happen when you consistently “do it right, from the start.”

I graduated college in San Diego. From there I landed a job that had me handling major direct marketing programs for CIGNA Healthcare, Hertz, Hilton, United Airlines, Lexus and other “big brands.” That experience showed me how to turn passive (essentially useless) data into active (highly potent) data that led to breakthrough insights, innovate products and services, and a better return on investment. I figured that knowledge could be of great value to the small business owner whose unique challenges I’d understood since childhood. So, in 1996, I formed a direct marketing agency and called it ActiveData.

Business opportunities eventually took me clear across the country to Naples, Florida, where my family and my business now call home. What traveled with me were the Montague family principles that guide me to this day: opportunities to make a difference are everywhere. Values are meant to be honored. The chance for success and happiness is enhanced when you do it right, from the start.

And then came that fateful evening a few years later. My wife and I decided to dine out at a restaurant not a mile from our home. There I spotted a VIP text message promotion on a tabletop tent card—and saw an exciting new future in mobile marketing, just when it was taking off.

To add the power of an active mobile marketing program to your future, contact me today. Or check here to learn how we’re able to so quickly and affordably “take you mobile.” I hope to hear from you soon. Remember, good things happen when you do it right, from the start!

Jim Montague, founder & president