Mobile Apps for Business

MOBILE APPS FOR BUSINESS. The revolution you can’t ignore.

ActiveData-Mobile-Pelican Bay exampleMobile Apps for Business . A first priority for businesses focused on customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Your customers now spend hours on their smartphone and other mobile devices, every day. Most of that time they’re using downloaded mobile apps to make appointments. Get the news. Search for addresses. Stay in touch with friends. Play games. Buy the things they need and want online. And much more.

No wonder mobile app engagement has become a necessity for businesses, large or small. ActiveData can put this “first priority” strategy to work for you faster and more affordably than you might think.

Mobile Apps for Business. It’s likely already an expectation of your customers. Which makes them ready to subscribe to the kind of easy-to-use, time-saving and value-packed mobile applications ActiveData can offer you right now.

You can use branded mobile apps for direct messaging news. Invitations. And offers directed at enrolled customers (push notifications). Even within a narrowly defined geographical area (GeoFencing). Or use them to build a customer loyalty program. Offer reward incentives for visiting your location. Highlight the products and services you offer. And much more. Each is an opportunity to engage with your customers and boost revenue. Very likely at a cost/benefit ratio better than any other marketing tool you’re using now.

This approach to branded mobile app engagement offers mobile apps that can be embedded with a seamless link to your mobile website. That means a better, more satisfying “close the loop” Web experience for your customers. More proof you’re serious about making it easier and more productive for them to do business with you (and not the other guy).

ActiveData’s expert guidance and support means you can join reap the rewards of the game-changing mobile app engagement revolution faster than you likely thought possible. More affordably,too. And with greater flexibility.  First step: let’s discuss your situation and goals. If branded mobile app engagement for your business—or any of our other first priorities mobile marketing strategies and programs—make sense for you, we’ll show you how to do it right, from the start. As we’re doing for so many others right now.