Text Marketing

TEXT MARKETING. Real time, action-focused and irresistible!

Text Marketing
Text marketing from ActiveData. It works for many reasons. For starters, your customers voluntarily opt in! That makes it virtually irresistible!

Text marketing from ActiveData Mobile Marketing. It might seem too good to be true. First, messages are received and read in real-time. That alone means higher conversion rates. But this service requires that your customers voluntarily subscribe to your messages and offerings. That automatically makes them eager to read and respond to whatever you send them.

It’s as mobile as your customers’ smartphone. It gets read almost immediately (90-95% of recipients respond within four minutes). It’s also environmentally friendly. Fun and easy to read and respond to. Highly effective in supporting your brand and building your business. AND, real time, action-focused text messaging from ActiveData delivers an ROI better than virtually any other marketing strategy.

Some 138 million Americans have sent a text message within the past three months. Were you one of them? How about your customers and prospects?  And remember, to receive your text message, they don’t need to be connected to the Internet! There are approximately 280 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S.. Virtually all of them carry a phone capable of receiving and sending texts. And nearly 50% of users have their phones on all the time.

Remember, your audience opts-in!

That means they’ve accepted your invitation to receive great money-saving offers. To participate in surveys and contests. To learn about exciting new events in their community, and so much more. In fact, 82% of wireless phone users have actually paid for text messaging (SMS) service capability on their phone. And, because they know they can opt-out at any time, they trust you even more.

Text messaging is the only “real time” channel for driving traffic to your location—and fast. “Get connected, be rewarded,” we like to say. It’s a great way to increase frequency of visits and average purchases. Build a real-time database. And gain cash flow immediacy. So much promise—but pitfalls lurk if you don’t manage your text messaging promotions right, from the start. That’s why so many businesses and organizations have turned to ActiveData Mobile Marketing to create and implement a results-driven, cost-effective text marketing program that practically runs itself.

Let’s discuss how we can put a text marketing program together for you, too.