What Makes Us Unique

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE makes us a mobile marketing resource you can count on

What Makes Us UniqueWhat makes us unique is how we consistently deliver on our promises. It starts with our mission to help our clients succeed through the power of mobile marketing done right, from the start.
1. No off-the-shelf solutions. You’ll find ActiveData’s fingerprints all over everything we do for our clients. All of it designed to protect the consumer and to protect your brand.

2. Your business objectives come first. We’re a mobile marketing agency, but part of what makes us unique is that our strategies and programs are created to mesh with your business goals. Everything works better when you plan and execute with the Big Picture in mind.

3. You get more than mobile device expertise. Each professional at ActiveData is more than a digital marketing expert. We’re marketing experts, period, ready to help you spread the word about your brand story and value proposition. It isn’t just technology that matters; it’s also knowing how to use it throughout the branding and marketing process.

4. You’ll lack for nothing. Our approach encompasses strategy, brand support, mobile-friendly (optimized) design, data-based analysis and insights, personal follow-through and continual learning. Together, it leads to happy, loyal customers for you and new revenue for your bottom line.

5. You make the call: “Doing it right, from the start” includes the option to manage your customized mobile marketing programs yourself (DIY), with our at-the-ready backup. Or you can choose to have ActiveData create and manage your mobile marketing programs for you (DIF). We’re at-the ready, whichever plan works best for your situation and budget.

What makes us unique makes us valuable to you. We’d love to tell you more about ActiveData Mobile’s flexible, affordable mobile marketing options and our all-encompassing team approach.  That includes making it easy to get started…right here.